Network Monitoring

Expert network monitoring is a vital aspect of the data centre design process. It can alert a network management team to problems caused by overloaded systems, crashed servers, lost network connections, virus or malware infections and power outages, among other things. Such notifications can take the form of electronic messages, alarms or phone calls. But no matter what form they take, network alerts should take the highest priority.

Similarly, your network monitoring system must have backup power as you cannot be notified of a power outage if the system that is supposed to do the notifying loses its power. Therefore your network monitoring must be done by a system that is always on. Your network monitoring system should have dedicated power lines or, at the very least, backup generators attached to it. The network monitoring system is the most critical part of your network, since it is the one that sounds the alarm when something is wrong.

Network Monitoring Tools

In the last few years, the market has been filled with numerous external and internal monitoring and reporting tools. With this wide range of OpenSource monitoring/reporting platforms, we believe that it all comes down to the way that any particular software has been integrated with the IT infrastructure. Even the most expensive monitoring software will need to be configured and maintained to achieve expected results.

That is why we decided to build our own monitoring platform based on Red Hat Linux, Cisco Network and open-source software. Therefore we are able to provide you with Network Monitoring focussed IT Consulting Services. Our experience can help you to utilise a full capacity of their monitoring platforms.

Monitoring of MiltiVender Systems Including Linux/UNIX, RedHat and Cisco/IOS Juniper & HP

Our monitoring consulting services covers networking devices, servers, hardware, operating systems and applications – everything that needs to be monitored in a typical environment. We can install a monitoring platform inside your infrastructure or we can use our own network monitoring platform, which will issue the required checks and gather statistics over a permanent, secured VPN between our data centre environment and your IT infrastructure. Our network monitoring platform can produce graphs for any specified period, reports of usage and failure alerts. By default we can monitor a wide range of networking devices and various Linux/UNIX systems, with a focus on Cisco network equipment and Red Hat or CentOS Operating Systems. However, it can be adjusted to suit any device on the network assuming that a device supports common network management protocols. In the case of any failure, our monitoring and response team will be notified and they will react by following whatever instructions you specify.