Network Security Solutions

Kite Technologies Ltd offers expert network security solutions for Cloud infrastructures and business offices in the UK. A “secure network” is considered to be a moving target. As new vulnerabilities and new methods of attack are discovered, a relatively unsophisticated user can potentially launch a devastating attack against an unprotected network.

Why network security is a necessity to your business?

Network attacks are evolving in their sophistication and in their ability to evade detection. Also, attacks are becoming more targeted and have greater financial consequences for their victims.

Types of threats:


  • Inside users already have knowledge of the network and its available resources.
  • Traditional network security mechanisms such as Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) and firewalls are ineffective against much of the network misuse originating internally and require specific network security solutions.

External Threats:

  • It is most likely that external attackers do not have an intimate knowledge of a network, and because they do not already possess access credentials, their attacks tend to be more technical in nature.
  • DoS\DDoS Attacks.
  • The average financial loss from a computer crime/security incidents increased from $168,000 in 2006 to $350,424 in 2007.
  • 18% of those attacks were “targeted” attacks (i.e. an attack that is not targeting the general population.”
  • Before 2007, viruses were the leading contributor to financial losses for seven years in a row.

In recent years, the security of data is critical to any business strategy and our security experts can help your business identify and mitigate any risk to your services or data. We can provide an initial assessment, supply recommendations and implement solutions for both network architecture and operating system related risks within your business. We provide a number of network security solutions; we have found that security audits, penetration testing and remote access solutions tend to be the most common needs client requirements regarding network security solutions.

Our Cisco certified engineers are experienced in offering both Cloud infrastructure and office network security services, including compliance with common standards such as PCI (Payment Card Industry).