Welcome To KITE – Technlogies Ltd

Kite Technologies Ltd was established in 2016 by a group of senior IT Managers. We are a fast growing and very successful company focused on delivering high performance, secure IT solutions and IT services.We deliver comprehensive IT solutions and IT services focused on network design, migration and management.

Network Installation

The physical deployment of an IT infrastructure can be a task that affects your day-to-day operational objectives. Kite Technologies Ltd offers expert IT network installation tailored to the needs of your business.The importance of the physical infrastructure to successful operations often goes unrecognised. IT managers install and optimise data centre environments and pay attention to physical aspects as they run wiring, install network interface cards, and connect servers via switches and routers.

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Network Monitoring

Similarly, your network monitoring system must have backup power as you cannot be notified of a power outage if the system that is supposed to do the notifying loses its power. Therefore your network monitoring must be done by a system that is always on. Your network monitoring system should have dedicated power lines or, at the very least, backup generators attached to it. The network monitoring system is the most critical part of your network, since it is the one that sounds the alarm when something is wrong.

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Security Solutions

Kite Technologies Ltd offers expert network security solutions for Cloud infrastructures and business offices in the UK. A “secure network” is considered to be a moving target. As new vulnerabilities and new methods of attack are discovered, a relatively unsophisticated user can potentially launch a devastating attack against an unprotected network.Network attacks are evolving in their sophistication and in their ability to evade detection. Also, attacks are becoming more targeted and have greater financial consequences for their victims.

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Server Support

Getting your company connectedWe install servers, PCs and other equipment essential to get your office network working for you as well as the configuration of e-mail, anti-virus software and server disaster recovery equipment.If you need of remote access to your business system, you need to work from home or integrate a new office to your existing company infrastructure, we can set up and install everything you need to be up and running in the shortest possible time with the minimum downtime and disruption.

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